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Free CFD Web Seminar - 'Simulating and Optimizing Flow Fields'
Free CFD Web Seminar - 'Simulating and Optimizing Flow Fields' - Visualizing Flow Fields In and Around Complex Models
Date: December 9, 2009
Contact Email:
Organizer: Mentor Graphics, Mechanical Analysis Division
Special Fields: Visualization and Post-Processing
Softwares: FloEFD
Type of Event: Online Event, International

Free CFD Web Seminar - 'Simulating and Optimizing Flow 
Fields' - Visualizing Flow Fields In and Around Complex 

December 09 2009: 02.00 PM – 02.45 PM US/Eastern

This FREE 45 minute web seminar will focus on how 
concurrent Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is used to 
visualize flow fields in and around complex objects. 
Concurrent CFD enables users to conduct CFD analysis 
entirely within a mechanical CAD (MCAD) environment, where 
it is used concurrently with all the other tools in the 
normal menu structure. As a result, mechanical engineers 
can treat CFD as a routine operation where designs can be 
analyzed and optimized during the design process and 
deliver better, more reliable products in a shortened time 

A good example to demonstrate the complexities of flow 
fields and its ultimate influence on temperature management 
is a convection oven. Convection ovens can offer better 
cooking quality and lower energy consumption over 
conventional ovens. The enhanced heat transfer produced 
from the forced air movement results in reduced oven 
heating times. However, airflow patterns within the oven 
are not uniform because the number of shelves, trays and 
the loading of items can have a significant impact on the 
flow patterns within the space and can result in un-even 
temperatures in different parts of the oven space. To 
illustrate this, the presenter will demonstrate how the 
flow field within the oven may be simulated and visualized 
in detail, enabling the designer to better understand the 
ovens effectiveness. Simulations of various tray-loading 
scenarios will be examined and design recommendations will 
be discussed. >> Learn More About Concurrent CFD

What You will Learn:

Understand the impact of design or loading changes and how 
it can effect the flow field 

Visualize temperature and flow distributions in a virtual 
3D environment 

Perform fluid flow and analysis using a FloEFD wizard and a 
familiar CAD interface

Efficient ways to share results with design teams and 

Who Should Attend:

Design Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Product Design Managers

Engineers who are interested in a CAD-embedded analysis 

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire users

Event record first posted on November 24, 2009, last modified on November 26, 2009

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