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Turbulence Workshop
Turbulence modelling is a key element in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Despite this, a single mathematical model that covers all kind of turbulent flows has not yet been derived. Instead, an engineer must choose from a wide range of different turbulence models, each having its advantages and disadvantages. This is, however, not really surprising since the objective of turbulence modelling is to approximate an extremely complicated phenomenon.
Date: June 7, 2006 - June 9, 2006
Location: Vestagatan 2B, Gothenburg, Sweden
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Fluent Sweden AB
Special Fields: Turbulence Modeling
Softwares: FLUENT
Deadlines: May 1, 2006 (registration)
Type of Event: Workshop, National

This workshop is primarily intended for CFD engineers who 
face turbulent flows in their daily routine and are 
looking for efficient ways of ensuring reliable results.

• An understanding of the different turbulence models, 
their possibilities and limitations.

• Meshing and Solution strategies for turbulent flow 
simulations through lectures and hands-on experience.

•Review of state-of-the-art turbulence research and how 
this research and current technologies can be applied to 
your future challenges.

This workshop will develop your skills in turbulence 
modelling, thus increasing the possibility of you making 
the right choices when facing a turbulent problem. 

Event record first posted on May 8, 2006, last modified on May 16, 2006

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