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Automatic Volume Grid Generation
This course demonstrates how automatic tools in ANSYS ICEM CFD and ANSYS AI*Environment are being developed to eliminate meshing problems, including external aero and automotive underhood.
Date: April 30, 2006 - May 1, 2006
Location: Westin Convention Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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Organizer: ANSYS, Inc.
Softwares: ICEM CFD , AI*Environment
Type of Event: Course, International

As 3-D CFD analysis becomes more widely used, there is 
increased demand for quicker turn-around time. Complex 
models usually require extensive hands-on grid generation, 
making the meshing tool the bottleneck. Automatic tools are 
being developed to curtail this problem, and some of the 
best are incorporated into ANSYS ICEM CFD and ANSYS 
AI*Environment. This course demonstrates how these tools 
can be used in two of the most problematic applications 
confronting today's analyst:

External aero demands good quality mesh near the surface to 
capture boundary layer effects. Until now, this was done 
most effectively using a block structured approach that 
required a great deal of an engineer's time. This course 
teaches automated approaches for quickly generating near 
surface grids of prism and hexahedral elements combined 
with speedy tetrahedral meshing to fill the far field 
domain. The instruction also includes geometry cleanup, 
highlighting ANSYS ICEM CFD's modern gap detection and 
repair tools.   

Automotive underhood is a meshing nightmare that entails 
cleanup of hundreds to thousands of intricate components. 
This course shows a much-more rapid approach in which these 
components are quickly simplified with a Cartesian shrink-
wrap algorithm. Volumetric grid generation is then quick 
and easy once the impossible constraints of the original 
geometry are overcome. 
Event record first posted on February 24, 2006, last modified on March 1, 2006

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