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Focus area August 2006: Validation and test cases

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Each month CFD-Wiki selects a certain focus area. The purpose of this is to get as many authors as possible to work together on a common subject. In June 2006 CFD-Wiki's focus area is validation and test cases. Most of us have missed a good set of CFD test cases, including geometries, experimental data, meshes and even contributed solutions. Having this available directly online would certainly be very valuable for the entire CFD community. So join us and lets create this together!

Here are a few suggestions on things to do (feel free to add your own suggestions here):

First check out the recent changes page to see what others are working on and see if there is anything which attracts your interest and where you think you could help.

Simple tasks

  1. Add "Additional References" to case articles (papers in literature that solve the problem but are not specifically referred to in the article. See the Lid-driven cavity problem article for an example.
  2. Draw a schematic picture for cases that don't have one.
  3. Add additional clarifying text or details on test cases (for example, it would be good to explain why a case is a good test).
  4. Add references in the articles to papers in the literature that solve the problem. It would be good to give some information on how the problem was solved (e.g. finite volume, finite difference, or finite element). It would be nice if the article makes it clear what references are most often cited so that readers will know where to start in the literature.

Large tasks

  1. Fill in a stub article. Some examples of stubs include
    1. Circular advection
    2. Turbulent flat-plate
    3. Viscous diffusion of multiple vortex system
  2. Add a new case. You can add something not mentioned on the validation and test cases article, or choose one of the links to nonexistent articles. There are not many three dimensional cases. There are a number of articles that are would be nice to have, including
    1. the backward facing step (both laminar and turbulent)
    2. flow around circular cylinders (both laminar and turbulent)
  3. Add data (tabular or graphical) to existing articles. Give as much information as possible about the method(s) used.
  4. Reorganize the current outline and add more introductory text.
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