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Turbulence modeling

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  1. Turbulence
  2. Zero equation models
    1. Cebeci-Smith model
    2. Baldwin-Lomax model
  3. Half equation models
    1. Johnson-King model
  4. One equation models
    1. Prandtl's one-equation model
    2. Baldwin-Barth model
    3. Spalart-Allmaras model
  5. Two equation models
    1. k-epsilon models
      1. Standard k-epsilon model
      2. Realisable k-epsilon model
      3. RNG k-epsilon model
      4. Near wall treatment for k-epsilon models
    2. k-omega models
      1. Wilcox's k-omega model
      2. Wilcox's modified k-omega model
      3. SST k-omega model
      4. Near wall treatment for k-omega models
    3. Two equation turbulence model constraints and limiters
      1. Kato-Launder modification
  6. v2-f models
  7. Reynolds stress model (RSM)
  8. Large eddy simulation (LES)
    1. Smagorinsky-Lilly model
    2. Dynamic subgrid-scale model
    3. RNG-LES model
    4. Wall-adapting local eddy-viscosity (WALE) model
    5. Kinetic energy subgrid-scale model
    6. Near wall treatment for LES models
  9. Detached eddy simulation (DES)
  10. Direct numerical simulation (DNS)
  11. Wall modeling

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