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SIMPLER algorithm - SIMPLE - Revised

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The revised algorithm consist of solving the pressure equation to obtain the pressure field and solving the pressufre-correction equation only to correct the velocities. The sequence of operations can be stated as:

1. Start with a guessed velocity field.

2. Calculate the cofficients for the momentum equations and hence calculate \hat{u}, \hat{v}, \hat{w} from momentum equations by substituting the value of the neiboughbor velocities u_{nb}

3. Calculate the cofficients for the pressure equation, and solve it to obtain pressure field

4. Treating this pressure field as p^{*}, solve the momentum equation to obtain u^{*},v^{*},w^{*}

5. Calculate the mass source b and hence solve the p^{'} equation

6. Correct the velocity field by use, by not do not correct the pressure

7. Solve the discretization equations for other \varphi if necessary

8. Return to step 2 and repeat until convergence


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