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Focus area May 2006: Turbulence modeling

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Each month CFD-Wiki selects a certain focus area. The purpose of this is to get as many authors as possible to work together on a common subject. It is more fun to work in a group and it is easier to keep the momentum going and get something done if we focus on a joint goal. In May 2006 CFD-Wiki's focus area is turbulence modeling. So please don't hestiate, write something about turbulence modeling today!

Here are a few suggestions on things to do (feel free to add your own suggestions here):

Fist check out the recent changes page to see what others are working on and see if there is anything which attracts your interest and where you think you could help.

Simple tasks

  1. Write definitions of:
    1. Dissipation
    2. Specific dissipation
    3. Turbulent kinetic energy
    4. Reynolds stress tensor
    5. Kinematic viscosity
    6. Dynamic viscosity

Large tasks

  1. We need an introduction to turbulence modeling, today we just have a table of contents there.
  2. Many turbulence models lack descriptions or the descriptions are not complete. For an example of a fairly complete turbulence model description see the Baldwin-Lomax model. So pick the turbulence model that you are most familiar with and improve its description now!
  3. Write about Wall functions and the Law of the wall
  4. It would be nice with some form of "decision help" on choosing turbulence models - perhaps a matrix or table which lists the merits, problems and what kind of physics different models are suitable or not suitable for.
  5. Noone has written anything about Reynolds stress modeling yet, that is a shame.
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