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Job Record #16629
TitleImplementation of the Lattice-Boltzmann method on GPU for flood
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerCerema (Eau Mer et Fleuve)
LocationFrance, Compi├Ęgne or Bordeaux
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure Date* None *
Topic of the research:
The simulation of free surface flows with finite element methods is very costly in terms of resources and calculation time as soon as the domain becomes complex or very extensive. In numerical modeling of floods, watersheds generally present topographies with steep slopes. It is then necessary to consider a fine mesh (sometimes very fine) to resolve these sudden variations in the topography. It is then necessary to have considerable computing resources to simulate a flood in a basin of modest size (a few square kilometers). We plan to simulate water catchments whose size exceeds thousand kilometers.
To offer an alternative to the time-consuming finite element method and also to have a more efficient solution, we plan to test an innovative solution such as the Lattice Boltzmann method. This method provides a very promising complementary solution, especially since it is highly parallelizable.
The aim of the work of this 10-month post-doctoral position is to implement and apply a flood modeling procedure based on the use of GIS data (digital terrain model, hydrological data) and a hydraulic model based on the 2D Lattice-Boltzmann method solving the shallow water equations. The interest being to have a faster code, the solution will have to be developed to work on graphics processor units (GPU). It should be noted that the work of this post-doctoral position will be undertaken within the framework of the European InterReg Sudeo project "INUNDATIO".

Required Skills:
-Knowledge in fluid mechanics and modeling of flows.
-Good knowledge in digital simulation
-Good programming knowledge on GPU
-Proficiency in C and Cuda programming languages (NVIDIA)
-Sufficient English for reading technical documentation
-Force of analysis and proposal
-Spirit of synthesis and rigor

Applicants interested by this proposal will contact the post-doc supervisors:
Bruno BADER:
Hassan SMAOUI:
Philippe SERGENT:

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #16629 when responding to this ad.
NameHassan Smaoui
Email ApplicationYes
Phone33 (0)3 44 92 60 88
Address34, Rue de Beauvais
60280 Margny_Les-Compi├Ęgne
Record Data:
Last Modified17:51:34, Monday, June 15, 2020

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