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One Day Live Training - Mixing In Stirred Tanks at Edison, NJ on July 21, 2017
Course Fees : $500 The Attendees Will Receive A 3 Month MixIT PROJECT License ( a $4,000 value) Along With Mixing Consultancy Support To Solve Current Mixing Problems In Your Organization
Date: July 21, 2017
Location: 105 Fieldcrest Ave, Suite 201, Edison, New Jersey, United States
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Tridiagonal Solutions
Application Areas: Process Industry, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Biomedical & Pharmaceutical, General CFD
Softwares: MixIT
Type of Event: Course, National

The course will review principles of mixing in stirred 
tanks, provide recommendations for process design and 
scale-up, plus enable participants to apply these 
principles and recommendations to their mixing 
processes/problems. Additionally the course will explain 
how  “MixIT – an enterprise software to predict stirred 
tank performance” can help facilitate knowledge 
management, collaboration and use of mixing science 
within a global organization to accelerate reactor 
design, process scale up, process optimization and 
troubleshooting associated with stirred tanks.

Course Overview

Introduction to stirred tank reactors
· Learn about industrial applications of stirred tank 
· Learn to work with various types of impeller
	Analyzing a mixing process
·  Different methods of analysis
· Introduction to correlation based analysis and CFD 
   · Design Variables
   · Power Number | Flow Number | Tip Speed
· Scale-up rules
   · Miscible liquid
   · Solid liquid
   · Gas-liquid
	Scale-up examples
· Scale-up of miscible liquid mixing (batch size example)
· Scale-up of solid-liquid
   · Solids suspension (dense solids)
   · Solids draw-down (lighter solids)
· Scale-up of shear sensitive processes
   · Polymer beads example
   · Fermentation Process (gas-liquid)
· Crystallization (shear and heat transfer)
	Hands on session with “MixIT”- Solve various 
mixing problems using MixIT

At the end of the training, participants will:
· Learn how to analyze your process and understand the 
operating conditions that govern the process output and 
product quality
· Learn scale-up rules that are applicable for different 
types of processes
· Understand the limits of conventional design rules
· Utilize CFD for mixing analysis of stirred tank 
· Gain hands-on experience with enterprise mixing tool 
· Receive a 3 Month MixIT PROJECT LICENSE (a $4,000 

Why you should attend?
· This training will help you to classify good vs bad 
mixing through lectures, demonstrations, and problem-
solving sessions and most importantly hands on 
utilization of MixIt in classroom
· Acquire knowledge about predicting a priori various 
mixing parameters using correlations and CFD models
· Learn a more efficient, fundamentals-based approach for 
scale-up, trouble shooting and mixing process 
Event record first posted on June 6, 2017, last modified on June 11, 2017

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