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Webinar: Powerful Flow Simulation for Oil & Gas Separation Technology
This webinar will focus on the competitive advantage that can be gained through the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to separator design and operation, and will provide a range of compelling examples that clearly illustrate demonstrate how flow simulation can reduce cost and increase the efficiency of separation processes, including retrofitting existing separators and preventing damage due to sloshing loads.
Date: December 13, 2006
Location: United Kingdom
Application Areas: Process Industry, Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, General CFD
Special Fields: Multiphase Flows, CAD/CFD Integration
Softwares: STAR-CD, STAR CCM+
Type of Event: Other, International

CFD enables the designers and operators of separation equipment to visualize the complex flow processes that occur within a separator and to determine exactly how effectively that separator will perform under a range of operating conditions. By applying CFD technology early in the design process, separator manufacturers are able to optimize the performance of a separator, long before the first physical prototype is ever created. The webinar will include a live demonstration of CD-adapco’s simulation technology applied to a real separator problem. The main focus of this webinar is separation for the Oil and Gas Industry, however the content will address the application of flow-simulation to separators in a wide-range of industries. The webinar is free to attend, but places are strictly limited. To reserve your place please register by clicking on the link below:
Event record first posted on December 6, 2006, last modified on December 15, 2006

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