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Paraview Workshop
High Performance visualization with Paraview.
Date: October 17, 2006 - October 18, 2006
Location: Chalmers Konferens Center, Gothenburg, Sweden
Web Page:
Contact Email:
Organizer: Gridcore AB
Special Fields: Visualization and Post-Processing
Softwares: AI*Environment
Type of Event: Other, International

Course Title: Scientific Visualization with ParaView
Course Level: Beginner through Advanced
This interactive course will cover scientific 
visualization through the use of the ParaView application. 
ParaView ( is an open source general 
purpose scientific visualization application with a wide 
variety of visualization and data processing methods that 
makes it a good choice for almost any scientific project 
using standard PCs or visualization clusters (HPCs with 
graphics cards). ParaView runs on multiple operating 
systems such as UNIX, Linux, and Windows XP. ParaView 
excels at visualizing very large datasets through the use 
of distributed parallel processing with remote data / 
render servers. Attendees with laptop computers will be 
able to obtain a copy of ParaView (either in advance or at 
the conference) to use during the course.
The outline of topics covered include
   Overview of ParaView 
   Basic Usage 
   User Interface 
       Camera Manipulation 
       Work Flow 
       3D Manipulation 
       Readers and Writers 
   Intermediate Usage 
       Volume Rendering 
    Advanced Data Processing 
       Parallel Processing 
       Parallel Rendering 
       Tile Display 

Event record first posted on August 23, 2006, last modified on August 26, 2006

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